Pictures of Gardens-I

Next week 1818 West 35th Street (Austin) that was once home of GARDENS will become GILDA GRACE a dress shop and lifestyle store. I thought it would be fun to share some images of GARDENS where I worked from 1999 – 2005 as the visual merchandiser, retail manager, and buyer. It was a wonderful place to go to work everyday. The other night I was introduced to Nere Emiko, the proprietor of GILDA GRACE and it sounds like she will infuse the space with a new creative spirit.

The shop was filled with bulbs potted in beautiful vessels… the staff wrapped lovely packages with simple paper and twine and a little silk ribbon.
Special letter press note cards in a steel tray on a teak bench…
James David and Gary Peese intertwined their lives with the business… adventuring, exploring, and bringing back beautiful objects to sell.
I have had these little mice since I was a very young… sometimes they would sneak in front of the camera!
A beautiful Magnolia blossoming in the nursery…

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