Fresh Configurations offers the service of creating a Look Book of your home, environment, or collection(s) that you want to remember in the form of a book.  This special book can be shared with others as a gift, for the family archives, or a lovely way to remember a place before it is dismantled.  When creating the book great care is taken in composing the photographs, arranging the photos in a harmonious flow, and editing the collection.  The approach is one of spontaneity and not taking a particularly precious approach to  photography itself, but rather capturing the architecture or object in a casual way, as if one is passing by these things for the zillionth time!

These photos were taken with my iPad.  As an example, here is  a visual glimpse of my childhood home and the details of  materials, textures, colors, and ‘objets d’ art’ that give me a sense of place, family, and the things that helped form my sensibility towards craft and design.