Coming Together for the Elkhorn Ranch

Elkhorn Ranch, Tucson shirt design by Sarah Presson and Annie Taylor for Eye Like Design

Elkhorn Ranch 2015 shirt design.

I always think about the Elkhorn Ranch in Tucson  this time of year.  Growing up it was a family tradition to spend our Thanksgivings there and connect with relatives and dear friends.  It continues to be a place to be with family, as my sister and her husband Charley Miller own and operate the Elkhorn.

The above art work started a year ago, when Mary gave me a collection of brands that the ranch has been gathering for a few generations.  Families that have become part of the Elkhorn Ranch community are encouraged to create a brand of their own. Last year I re-drew the brands and  Jenna Foster, a talented artist and designer in Austin cleverly put all the brands (over a hundred I would say) into a repeat pattern for new table runners (printed by Spoon Flower).  My mom,  Nancy Taylor cut and hemmed them for new table runners just in time for last year’s holiday feast!  Fast forward 12 months and this time Sarah Presson of Eye Like Design selected a few brands to make this cheerful new t-shirt design that will be hitting the Elkhorn Shop shelves by Christmas!

Just another example of how fun and dynamic it is to collaborate with others.


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