Mr. Gabe

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Today is Mr. Gabe’s Birthday.  Who is Mr. Gabe?  Mr. Gabe has been a prominent figure in both of my boys life since they were babies.  He turned 41 today and has dedicated his career to teaching pre-schoolers.  Mr. Gabe has been a friend to our family over the years and we have enjoyed a family friendship with him as well.  Oliver had the great fortune to study under Mr. Gabe at Athena Montessori Academy down the street from our house for 3 years.  This was a formidable chapter in Oliver’s life~ being exposed to social dynamics, reading, writing, staying still in circle time, singing, and of course all the tactile montessori basics.  While Oliver was at Athena as a kindergartner, his little brother Theodore was born.  Going to and from school twice a day, Theo grew up seeing Mr. Gabe day in and day out.  With great pleasure Theo was part of the original crew of kids to attend Homegrown, Gabe and his wife Cristen‘s home based Montessori school in South Austin.  It has been a real pleasure seeing how Gabe has embraced designing his own, intimate school.  He and the children have grown and developed together, he following their lead and they following his.  Balance Bike rides through the neighborhood, song, campfires during the winter, and fixing things, healthy meals, cozy naps, and wild animals (box turtle, porcupine, hawk, lizard, snake, banana spider) passing through are all part of a day at Homegrown.  Gabe wears many hats… today a birthday hat! but other times it is a classic fedora on the stage singing his heart out with his band Lost Soul Review… anyway, what a gift it has been for our family and our boys to have him in their lives.  Oh! man! I totally didn’t even mention Boys Camp and the urban adventures that take place with a pack of 6-12 year olds in the heat of Austin summer!  Well, the list goes on!  Thanks Gabe for all that you do for our community~ you are always there for the kids in a gentle, humorous, loving way… and we celebrate that so!  Happy Birthday Friend!


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