We are FoxGlove Gardening, INC !

FoxGlove Gardening Truck and Tools

FoxGlove Gardening Truck and Tools

Over lunch on Aspen Street on April 6, 2016 Joan Abbott of FoxGlove Gardening sold her beloved garden maintenance and landscaping business to Jason and I.  This is a start of a new chapter for us.  We are business owners in Flagstaff, Arizona doing what we are passionate about… gardens, plants, flowers, color, design, the outdoors, beautifying the community, stewarding the land!

Jason and I are co-owners of the company, but I have been trying to think of what my title is beyond that.  Jason is clearly the gardener! and I would like to not be thought of as the bookkeeper, as that will not be my focus this time around.  I am excited about creating the branding and marketing for our new business, providing fine customer service, and ensuring that the company continues to offer exceptional service and high aesthetic quality as it did under Joan.

I love the fleet of toyota trucks with painted tool handles, the FoxGlove name and what it stands for, the magical plant itself, and most importantly appreciate the beautiful gardens that FoxGlove tends around town that are uniquely verdant, vibrant, and thoughtfully designed.  I believe that FoxGlove will be a great launching pad for my creative services and pursuits in the months and years to come.

In the meantime, it is a great honor to work along side Joan Abbott (she will be sharing her knowledge and helping with the transition for the first year) as we learn everything there is to know about this special business that has enriched Flagstaff season to season over the past 37+ years!

Thank you Joan for believing in us and being so patient with the process…

…many thanks go out to our family members, friends & colleagues in Austin, and new found advisors and connections (and now friends!) in Flagstaff!!

FoxGlove in a Garden on Black

FoxGlove in a Garden on Black

‘Inch by inch, row by row, going make this garden grow, all it takes is a rake and how ’till the rain comes tumbin’ down…’


Magnolia Tree

Martin Johnson Heade was a 19th century American painter, initially part of the Hudson River School depicting the New England landscape… until he ventured to South America and discovered the fantastical world of hummingbirds, orchids, passion flowers, magnolia blossoms and lotus blossoms which Roberta Smith of the NY Times describes as ‘palpably naturalistic yet dramatically decorative and artificial.’
MARTIN JOHNSON HEADE by Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr.

There are some things that make me appreciative of living in Austin…experiencing the magnificent Magnolia tree is one of them!

This beautiful specimen is in a lovely garden that Jason has had the privilege of working in for the past year. Every few weeks I stop by this project to see Jason’s progress and enjoy the seasonal changes in the landscape.

The Magnolia blossoms were so beautiful today… inky white petals and leathery green leaves…
one time I asked a shoe maker to dye me a pair of boots like a Magnolia leaf… just so you know, he couldn’t quite do it.

Tea Rose & Eggs

Feeling lucky to have a husband who is a gardener! Feeling lucky to have chickens in the backyard! Our family owned business JBIRD & COMPANY offers a variety of services… design, construction, maintenance. Installing vegetable gardens, planting fruit trees, building chicken coops, and helping people have an urban farm~ no matter how small… in their backyard (or front yard) are some of the services that we provide. Stay tuned for a new and improved www site for JBIRD & COMPANY with lovely photographs by our talented friend Jody Horton.