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Matted in white, not shown here
16 inches wide x 20 inches high
$50 for the pair
please specify bird
bundles of twelve
 six oval & six tag
limited quantity
bundles of six
black & white or hand colored
3.25 inches long x 1.25 inches wide
please specify motif
please specify black & white or color

bundles of eight
four oval & four tag
2 inches
Two flat card prints per pack with envelope
5 inches x 7 inches
$7.00 each
$65.00 for set of ten, assorted
A.  winter neon & puppets

B.  dutch bird & danish stripes

C.  girl in green dress & snow baby

D.  in the park & bird ring

E.  diamond pink & girl in green dress
~different combinations available upon request~
please specify by letter or title
 at time of order
Poster of nursery school meal time blessing
12 inches wide x 18 inches high
 free with purchase of placemat and napkin sets
see TABLE TOP POP posting
*lyrics available upon request, pardon the poor photograph here*
hair can be hand colored to your specifications!


Artwork for the first season of Dai Due Butcher Shop & Supper Club
bundles of five, one of each image with envelopes
blank inside
4″ x 6″
~an autumn adventure~ 
by Honey Minshew with drawings by Annie Taylor
32 page full color illustrated children’s book
a moral tale about  Halloween & Thanksgiving…
a real hit with the toddler set!!
paperback, self published via Blurb (thus the steep price)
stay tuned for the next entry
placemats and cloth napkins

Come Visit Annie’s Omnium at E.A.S.T.!

#74 on the Map 
736 Cherico
Austin, TX  78702
November 22-23
or by appointment during the week
or…if you are interested in purchasing any of the above items
and would like to see bigger and better photos of anything I am happy to do so…
I can also send you a inventory-price sheet of my current products.
Happy to ship.
All forms of credit cards are accepted.

This fall I began sharing a studio with Eyelike Design~ Sarah Presson & Kirby Doss’s design studio.  It has been a real treat being in this dynamic environment.  This past weekend 736 Cherico in East Austin came alive with a group of ten artists coming together to present their work for E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tour) .  It was a great opportunity for me to set up shop and share my work.

I started to think of it as The Table Top Pop Up Shop, for I am primarily featuring paintings on paper from the Annie Taylor archives in the form of placemats sold as a set with beautiful coordinating cloth napkins.
Some of you have seen these designs before but in the spirit of collaboration
I decided to work with a very close kindred spirit & special friend 😉 and pair the placemats with cloth napkins!  The napkins are amazing and we began to think of them as magical origami~ for any way you fold them they are a bit different and quite delightful… playing on color & pattern in the most wonderful of ways.
Finally getting out of my tiny home and joining other creative souls has been very healthy and inspiring.  An on-going and project dear to my heart has been seeing the branding that I created for Jesse Griffiths and Tamara Mayfield’s supper club, catering business, and farmers’ market stand blossom into a beautiful restaurant and fine butcher shop on Manor Road this fall.
Little Mule Studio lead the charge using the existing logo for the restaurant.  A cast of characters (fauna  & flora) has been created to be used for various packaging and signage, etc. for the restaurant.  From those characters summer and fall placemats (black and white for kids to color, and a laminated color version for messy eaters (babies) was created.  
For the holidays a series of five images were made (collaborated with Sarah Presson) into notecards.  These are for sale at Dai Due and Annie’s Omnium at E.A.S.T.  There are five different designs per pack, $20.00.
We are fortunate to live amongst such a creative group of friends who all seem to be hitting their stride. I mentioned Jesse and Tamara, Sarah and Kirby, and from there the list goes on!  When I arrived at Eye Like Design Studio Farm House Delivery was also officing there.  Every Tuesday a bushel would be photographed for their weekly email.  This and all of our other farmer, chef, gardener, foodie friends have inspired a series of collages.  The other hat I wear is my partnership with JBird & Company, a landscape design & build firm.  Jason is passionate about citrus trees and is spreading them all around Austin.
Speaking of collage… crisp snap shirts!  I was thinking that I have lived in Texas for 15+ years and never really created honoring this interesting place.   I call it Tucked In Texas~ a western shirt with Hill Country birds and wildflowers coming out of the pocket.  I am selling these prints for $30 each.  They are a pair but do not need to be sold as such.  The right has the painted bunting and the left has the quail.
On the table top are more placemats and some gift tags titled ‘I see Peacocks at Mayfield Park’, my little Theodore’s opening line to everyone he meets.
Tag Sale!
Punch & Color & Tie-up with string…
tags for packages, place cards, ornaments, cookie tins, or jam jars…
$3 – $12
all a little bit different and quite fun.
Our family sings this sweet blessing at meal time~ first sung at Oliver’s nursery school.  I thought it would be fun to make a little poster of it.  My husband Jason turned 40 last week and I dedicate this to him, my little boys, and all of our sweet toddler friends in our lives right now.  This poster is free with a purchase of a placemat &napkin set.  I can hand color in the hair to suit your friends or family!
Jason has been working hard for E.A.S.T. as well and my next blog entry will be featuring his stone work.  Here are some delightful bamboo cups that he made~ perfect for sake, tea, water, flowers, pencils… They are $12 each and all quite unique.  Some of them are carved with jasmine flowers and stripes and waves.  They are sanded and oiled and feel really good in your hand.  They are displayed here with my citrus series of placemats with some really cheerful napkins in a symphony of pink, green, and yellow.
One, Two, some Art for You~ these are flat cards, two designs per package…
a fun way to share my art.
$7.00 a set~
Towards the back of the table one can see some bean cans covered in green wrapping paper.  I have been having fun getting some of my images into repeat pattern via Spoonflower.  I thought it would be fun to cover some big cans for paperwhites, gifts, or cookies!  Week II at E.A.S.T. one might find a further exploration of paper covered bean cans.  The green holiday placemat & napkin series is really wonderful!  I think it would be awesome if someone went home with all 24 (selling them as 3 groups of 8)… what a marvelous table it would make for a big holiday party.  The green is so cheerful you could really use is all year ’round.
So many bean cans bursting with paperwhites!  What a heavenly scent and fresh white blossoms.  What is an Annie’s Omnium holiday art sale without silver cans full of paperwhites?!  
#74 on the Map 
736 Cherico
Austin, TX  78702
November 22-23
or by appointment during the week
or…if you are interested in purchasing any of the above items
and would like to see bigger and better photos of anything I am happy to do so…
I can also send you a inventory-price sheet of my current products.
Happy to ship.
All forms of credit cards are accepted.
~tomorrow’s post sneak peak~
Best wishes~
Annie Taylor


My friend Amelia turned seven on June 23rd, 2013.  I vividly remember my seventh birthday and receiving a beautiful doll named Amy along with a collection of ‘doll clothes’ that once belonged to me (and my sister), probably about 6 months size, laundered and pressed (by my amazing Mom) in a sweet and sturdy basket with a pink baby blanket.  I so cherished this gift and played and played with Amy and adored putting her in the little smocked dresses!  My friend Amelia wears sweet frocks, has long golden hair and sparkly brown eyes. I admire how curious, capable, and strong Amelia is… she loves to try new things and approaches what ever it is with grace, style, and a joyful spirit!





crafter, stitcher, and sewer


sweet friend
(especially to baby theodore)

…thank you Amelia for your friendship~

Feast for Love

Our dear friend Heather Love was in a terrible accident this spring.  A group of friends are having a fund raiser to money for her rehabilitation and on going needs.  I created the artwork for this poster~ The original is about 12″x18″ and is a paper collage.


Over the past while I have been collaborating on a children’s book with my husband’s aunt Honey Minshew. It is a delightful true story about a young girl and her curious cat who adventures out one Halloween night and gets into a bit of trouble. The story ends happily on Thanksgiving Day. It is a fun book to enjoy during the autumn months and I think that children will appreciate the cheerful illustrations and simple writing. I have designed the book on One can preview the book there and also purchase it directly. As you well know, self publishing isn’t always the least expensive route to go, but for now this seems like a nice solution. You can click on the link to the left and it will take you directly to my blurb website. If you have troubles with this process, please let me know … as it is all new to me!

Jesse Griffiths with DAI DUE

Today I went to Food & Wine magazines web site to cast my vote for Jesse Griffiths of DAI DUE as one of the United States top chefs… he has been a pioneer in promoting the local food movement in Austin. He is amazing in the kitchen and a true craftsman with what he does. It has been a pleasure working with Jesse and his wife Tamara in creating packaging for their products. I just finished the latest label… HARVESTED by HUNTING which he will put on products such as Venison Sausage and Wild Boar Chorizo, etc.

An Autumn Adventure- phase I

Over the past few years I have been collaborating with my husband Jason’s aunt Honey on a children’s book with a Halloween and Thanksgiving theme. I am on a roll with the illustrations, there will be about 16 total when all is said and done. I thought it would be fun to share with you my progress and wish my readers a happy fall.

‘Play the Day Away’ Mural for Dell Children’s Hospital of Central Texasn toddler playroom

This mural was originally painted on about a 5′ x 7′ piece of clayboard with gouache. It was then scanned and transferred onto a Swiss innovative, anti-bacterial wall covering material called Clipso. The actual mural is about 9′ x 11′ and covers a wall in a toddler play room in the hospital. The original painting is hung in the neonatal care section of the hospital.