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FoxGlove Gardening Truck and Tools

FoxGlove Gardening Truck and Tools

Over lunch on Aspen Street on April 6, 2016 Joan Abbott of FoxGlove Gardening sold her beloved garden maintenance and landscaping business to Jason and I.  This is a start of a new chapter for us.  We are business owners in Flagstaff, Arizona doing what we are passionate about… gardens, plants, flowers, color, design, the outdoors, beautifying the community, stewarding the land!

Jason and I are co-owners of the company, but I have been trying to think of what my title is beyond that.  Jason is clearly the gardener! and I would like to not be thought of as the bookkeeper, as that will not be my focus this time around.  I am excited about creating the branding and marketing for our new business, providing fine customer service, and ensuring that the company continues to offer exceptional service and high aesthetic quality as it did under Joan.

I love the fleet of toyota trucks with painted tool handles, the FoxGlove name and what it stands for, the magical plant itself, and most importantly appreciate the beautiful gardens that FoxGlove tends around town that are uniquely verdant, vibrant, and thoughtfully designed.  I believe that FoxGlove will be a great launching pad for my creative services and pursuits in the months and years to come.

In the meantime, it is a great honor to work along side Joan Abbott (she will be sharing her knowledge and helping with the transition for the first year) as we learn everything there is to know about this special business that has enriched Flagstaff season to season over the past 37+ years!

Thank you Joan for believing in us and being so patient with the process…

…many thanks go out to our family members, friends & colleagues in Austin, and new found advisors and connections (and now friends!) in Flagstaff!!

FoxGlove in a Garden on Black

FoxGlove in a Garden on Black

‘Inch by inch, row by row, going make this garden grow, all it takes is a rake and how ’till the rain comes tumbin’ down…’


Coming Together for the Elkhorn Ranch

Elkhorn Ranch, Tucson shirt design by Sarah Presson and Annie Taylor for Eye Like Design

Elkhorn Ranch 2015 shirt design.

I always think about the Elkhorn Ranch in Tucson  this time of year.  Growing up it was a family tradition to spend our Thanksgivings there and connect with relatives and dear friends.  It continues to be a place to be with family, as my sister and her husband Charley Miller own and operate the Elkhorn.

The above art work started a year ago, when Mary gave me a collection of brands that the ranch has been gathering for a few generations.  Families that have become part of the Elkhorn Ranch community are encouraged to create a brand of their own. Last year I re-drew the brands and  Jenna Foster, a talented artist and designer in Austin cleverly put all the brands (over a hundred I would say) into a repeat pattern for new table runners (printed by Spoon Flower).  My mom,  Nancy Taylor cut and hemmed them for new table runners just in time for last year’s holiday feast!  Fast forward 12 months and this time Sarah Presson of Eye Like Design selected a few brands to make this cheerful new t-shirt design that will be hitting the Elkhorn Shop shelves by Christmas!

Just another example of how fun and dynamic it is to collaborate with others.



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All planters and benches are for sale
Credit cards accepted
Take a Look!

Rattlesnake Limestone
6 feet long x 14 inches wide x 16 inches high
scroll and hyper tufa pot with primrose included
one available

Leuders Limestone, brown
12 inches square
Planted with Agave bovicornuta
sold as a set of five
one set available
Rattlesnake Limestone Base, Shell stone top
24 inches high x 11 inches square base x 12 inches square top
one available
PLINTH- large
Leuders Limestone, white
21.5 inches square base x 8.75 inches high x 15.25 inches diameter
two available
PLINTH- medium
Leuders Limestone, white
16 inches square base x 9.25 inches high x 12 inches diameter
one available
Planted in Classic Italian Terracotta Pot
three available

PLINTH- small
Leuders Limestone, white
16 inches square base x 7.75 inches high x 10 inches diameter
two available
Leuders Limestone
21 inches long x 16 inches wide x 11.5 inches high
one available
Leuders Limestone
28 inches long x 16 inches wide x 10.5 inches high
one available
Leuders Limestone
45.5 inches long x 20 inches wide x 13 inches high
one available

Leuders Limestone, grey
18 inches long x 8 inches wide x 6 inches tall
Planted with Strawberry & Dianthus~ as shown
one available

Leuders Limestone, grey
18 inches long x 8 inches wide x 6 inches tall
Planted with herbs~ parsley, sage, rosemary
$165 each, planted
one available of each as shown

Leuders Limestone, grey
16″ inches long x 8 inches wide x 6 inches tall
ten available
Leuders Limestone, grey
16″ inches long x 8 inches wide x 6 inches tall
Planted with lettuce greens & primrose
three available~ as shown

PLINTH, special
Leuders Limestone, grey
12 inches square base x 9.25 inches high x 8 inches diameter
one available
10.5 inches high x 5.5 inches square base x 10.5 inches square top
Planted with rosemary cones & lavender cones
$75.00 planted~ as shown
$50.00 empty
2 available

PLINTHS~ Set of four
Leuders Limestone, cordoba cream
ROUND~ two
16 inches square base x 5 inches thick x 12.25 inches high x 9 inches diameter
21.5 inches long x 15.5 inches wide x 5.25 inches thick
12.25 inches high over all x 21 inches long (top) x 9 inches wide (top)
one set of four available

for sake, wine, tea, flowers, feathers, pencils…
4-6 inches high
assorted designs
available at Metier Cooks Supply
4 planted per silver can
buds to blossoms~ timed to bloom for holiday joy!
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