Wrap Around A Dress

Last night we went out on a double date with some friends who have a six month old baby… so needless to say there was a lot of talk about babies and kids… then we hooked up with some more friends… one was pregnant, there was talk of others who just had babies, and then the conversation gets going about the wonderful world of maternity clothes…

This is a dress that I designed and made a few years ago. It is the only one that exists and has a few issues with the pattern. (The design was altered from vintage sewing pattern that my friend Cathy passed on to me.) My beautiful friend Lainie who was then 7 or 8 months pregnant with her son Wyatt is modeling this dress in sunny, blue sky Flagstaff.
The idea was for the dress to tie in the back, kind of like a hospital gown and then wrap around to the front and snap in place.
I used heavy cotton fabric and covered all the seams with hand made polka dot seam binding in various colors. As you can see here the dress is nicely flattering and the back of it has some movement to it.
The wide embroidered ribbon belt hooks at the front, to give the waist line nice definition. I was crazy for this European ribbon found at M&J TRIMMING in NYC. When I lived there I spent hours in this shop, driving the sales people crazy… ‘I would like one yard of that ribbon one inch from the ceiling!’ ‘…and what are you going to do with just one yard?’ ‘Something wonderful eventually!’

Wooly Winter Accessories

It is cold, cold, cold today! and Jason always loves to tease me about my multiple layers of wool! Sheep were my favorite animals as a child and my mother is an amazing textile artist who wove beautiful yardage from vegetal dyed yarns and now knits lovely sweaters and such. A few years back I collaborated with a friend on a collection of clothing called WINTERIZE. These are some winter wear accessories that came from that body of work.

The Origami Hat… hand stitched wool felt which can be worn in many configurations…
upside down or right side up!

Crocheted cuffs to peak out or under a blouse or coat… or to wipe your brow with!

Jason is looking very dandy with this crocheted collar peaking out of his Edelwiess snap shirt.