Heart Creations

Valentines Day is just around the corner! It is a blustery day, Ollie has a cold and is home from school so we got out my boxes of ephemera, scissors, and glue to make some Valentines. So I decided to share with you some of my favorite heart creations I have done over time.

I have always liked this paper doll, a self portrait of sorts… winter whites and red shoes.
I used some carbon paper for a textile design as a backdrop.

A wool heart pin cushion filled with a bit of Santa Maria Novella Pot Pourri
photographed against some beautiful chard.
I posted this photo on FaceBook recently and quickly got a note and a picture
from my friend JD (who I gave this pin cushion to)… she now lives in Marfa, TX and
sent me back a great picture of it against a grand Agave! Lovely exchange.

I like this little drawing…
love and be loved and love and be loved and love and be loved!

May your Day be full of May

One spring I was asked along with others, to set up a table at a ladies luncheon sharing my design work. On display here is a wedding invitation I made (and had printed) for my friends Spring and Orlando along with some other Annie’s Omnium promotional cards.

Jason helped me build this beautiful base for a May pole out of grape vine and moss. Jason planted fragrant jasmine, echeveria, sedums, graptoveras, and other delicate spring flowers.

Here is the table from the distance. I have always loved May Day and although this posting is 23 days late… may your day be full of may !!!