Oil Cloth

While apprenticing at the FABRIC WORKSHOP in Philadelphia I created this repeat pattern in response to an oil spill that happened at the time (1991). Since then, it has been in my flat files. It just seems that this design needs to come to life (SEA LIFE SEE LIFE SEA LIFE) in some form or fashion to help bring attention to this dreadful disaster (OIL & WATER DO NOT MIX). The proceeds would go to a good cause, after covering design and reproduction costs.
So, my first thought was, take the design to Whole Foods, sell them the pattern to stamp on their tyvek shopping bags with a slogan of some sort, ‘WHOLE FOODS IS MAKING WAVES’. Get the design & message nationally circulated, on the streets NOW! This is obviously not the only way to MAKE A SPLASH. I do feel a sense of urgency to get something out there. I know I need to be thinking outside of the box and try to be big & bold with whatever I do.
I am just putting this out there. Any level of input or collaboration would be so valued. Maybe you feel like I do, the intense calling to contribute in some form or fashion to this catastrophe?

2 thoughts on “Oil Cloth

  1. I love the idea of pitching it to Whole Foods — and the slogan is very good. I think you should go for it!