Clothing Design

Winterize, a collection of clothes

I met Shauna Smith of First Samples in 2005 when I was looking for a studio space in South Austin.  We immediatly became kindred spirits and I was invited to be her first artist in residence at her clothing design studio.  Shauna and I closely collaborated on a collection of dresses for a local fashion show called Stitch put on by the Austin Craft Mafia.   Shauna (dba Selvedge Sewing) is immensely talented with pattern drafting and clothing construction and she brought my ideas to life.  We based the designs around neutral fabrics,  natural white cotton and wool, allowing the clothing forms to speak for themselves.  A noble sheep was the mascot WINTERIZE celebrating the winter season we were designing for and the sheep itself!  It was a a prolific chapter and was a amazing opportunity to bring dresses from dreams to life.  The patterns still are in my hands so, there is potential for these timeless designs to be brought back to life in the future.