A Picture of Gardens- III

GARDENS was a place where one could spend a few dollars on a wooden spoon from Southern France or $20,000 on a beautifully crafted table from Belgium or a wooden toy truck from Germany…
Playing with color and themes… chop sticks, bamboo trays, incense and tea, little mirrors with Asian emperors…
Enameled dinnerware in sunny and sky colors from a Brooklyn designer on a French farmhouse table…
Display case near the register holding a combination of glass from England, porcelain tea pots and bowls…
The ‘kitchen area’ was home to teas and chocolates from around the world, fine linens, plastic plates, copper cookware, danish kitchen accessories…

Well… there you have it… 3 posts to fit these pictures in… I wasn’t very good at narrowing them down. It is always fun for me to revisit these images. Working at GARDENS was a great chapter on many fronts. As I started out saying, I am so happy the beautiful space will be vibrant once again.

An Autumn Adventure- phase I

Over the past few years I have been collaborating with my husband Jason’s aunt Honey on a children’s book with a Halloween and Thanksgiving theme. I am on a roll with the illustrations, there will be about 16 total when all is said and done. I thought it would be fun to share with you my progress and wish my readers a happy fall.

‘Play the Day Away’ Mural for Dell Children’s Hospital of Central Texasn toddler playroom

This mural was originally painted on about a 5′ x 7′ piece of clayboard with gouache. It was then scanned and transferred onto a Swiss innovative, anti-bacterial wall covering material called Clipso. The actual mural is about 9′ x 11′ and covers a wall in a toddler play room in the hospital. The original painting is hung in the neonatal care section of the hospital.

Environmental Art for Children’s Hospital- group I

These illustrations were commissioned for the Dell Children’s Hospital of Central Texas that opened in 2007. The idea was to use this character in signage through out the hospital to educate patients, visitors, and the staff about the innovative building systems that were used to achieve platinum LEED certification. The designs were not used ultimately. The last time I visited the hospital there was no signage.

Oil Cloth

While apprenticing at the FABRIC WORKSHOP in Philadelphia I created this repeat pattern in response to an oil spill that happened at the time (1991). Since then, it has been in my flat files. It just seems that this design needs to come to life (SEA LIFE SEE LIFE SEA LIFE) in some form or fashion to help bring attention to this dreadful disaster (OIL & WATER DO NOT MIX). The proceeds would go to a good cause, after covering design and reproduction costs.
So, my first thought was, take the design to Whole Foods, sell them the pattern to stamp on their tyvek shopping bags with a slogan of some sort, ‘WHOLE FOODS IS MAKING WAVES’. Get the design & message nationally circulated, on the streets NOW! This is obviously not the only way to MAKE A SPLASH. I do feel a sense of urgency to get something out there. I know I need to be thinking outside of the box and try to be big & bold with whatever I do.
I am just putting this out there. Any level of input or collaboration would be so valued. Maybe you feel like I do, the intense calling to contribute in some form or fashion to this catastrophe?

Magnolia Tree

Martin Johnson Heade was a 19th century American painter, initially part of the Hudson River School depicting the New England landscape… until he ventured to South America and discovered the fantastical world of hummingbirds, orchids, passion flowers, magnolia blossoms and lotus blossoms which Roberta Smith of the NY Times describes as ‘palpably naturalistic yet dramatically decorative and artificial.’
MARTIN JOHNSON HEADE by Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr.

There are some things that make me appreciative of living in Austin…experiencing the magnificent Magnolia tree is one of them!

This beautiful specimen is in a lovely garden that Jason has had the privilege of working in for the past year. Every few weeks I stop by this project to see Jason’s progress and enjoy the seasonal changes in the landscape.

The Magnolia blossoms were so beautiful today… inky white petals and leathery green leaves…
one time I asked a shoe maker to dye me a pair of boots like a Magnolia leaf… just so you know, he couldn’t quite do it.

May your Day be full of May

One spring I was asked along with others, to set up a table at a ladies luncheon sharing my design work. On display here is a wedding invitation I made (and had printed) for my friends Spring and Orlando along with some other Annie’s Omnium promotional cards.

Jason helped me build this beautiful base for a May pole out of grape vine and moss. Jason planted fragrant jasmine, echeveria, sedums, graptoveras, and other delicate spring flowers.

Here is the table from the distance. I have always loved May Day and although this posting is 23 days late… may your day be full of may !!!